NYE Dresses and Cozy Holiday Outfits for Winter in SLO

NYE Dresses and Cozy Holiday Outfits for Winter in SLO


Winter in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California is still a picturesque dream. It’s the perfect excuse to visit Opulence Boutique for its Affordable Luxury line. Think cozy loungewear and fancy dresses made for all body types. 

If you can’t make it into the shop, that’s ok, too - we’ve got you covered with this Holiday and NYE style guide to help you get the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about

Cozy Christmas Fits

Affordable Luxury doesn’t always mean getting dressed up to go out on the town. Sometimes, you just want to throw on a pair of pajamas to relax in or a lounge set for that magical morning around the tree.

Pick your faves from our comfy collection:

  • Christmas Plaid Round-Neck Top & Pants Pajamas
  • Lapel Collar Shirt & Shorts Pajama Set
  • Plus-Size Star Dropped-Shoulder Top & Shorts Lounge Set
  • Melody Rudolph Print Plush Slide Slippers

  • There’s something for everyone in this selection, and we’ve got you covered from head to toe in plush material.

    Hint: people love cozy gifts.

    NYE and Holiday Party Dresses

    If you’re looking to find the perfect dress for New Year's or Holiday Parties, you’ve come to the right place. As a bonus, they also make for great wine-tasting outfits, date-night dresses, or baselines for your most ambitious wardrobe options.

    These are four of our favorite winter outfits from Opulence Boutique in San Luis Obispo:

  • Party Hard Sequin Slit Spaghetti Strap Dress
      • Santa, Can You Hear Me Sequin Mock Neck Long Sleeve Dress
  • Hannah Spliced Mesh One-Sleeve Flare Leg Jumpsuit
  • I Know You’re Trouble Sequin Blazer

  • These four versatile fits are the perfect way to express yourself this winter and into 2024. New Year, New Wardrobe! 

    Shop Dresses in San Luis Obispo County

    Opulence Boutique is the best place in San Luis Obispo to shop for dresses, holiday outfits, and cozy Christmas fits this year. But you don’t have to live on the Central Coast to take advantage of our new collections and exclusive sales - we carry all our in-store inventory online, as well.

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