Opulence: Affordable Clothes & Equitable Fashion in San Luis Obispo

Opulence: Affordable Clothes & Equitable Fashion in San Luis Obispo

Known as one of the best women’s clothing stores in San Luis Obispo, Opulence Boutique is also proudly making strides to bring diversity and inclusivity to downtown SLO. With clothing collections designed to celebrate all genders, body types, and walks of life, it’s never been easier to shop local and find trendy outfits that match whatever vibe you have in mind.

Clothes Designed for Central Coast Living 

Opulence’s premier fashion lines are known as Affordable Luxury and Wine-Tasting Casual. Both of these styles are designed to highlight the versatile, laid-back social scene of San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, and the entire Central Coast.

If you’re looking for a cute, fun wine-tasting dress, Opulence has you covered. At the same time, if you need to go to a cocktail party or a work event, the versatile jumpsuits, jeans, and casual wear selection at Opulence are unmatched. 

These are outfits you can wear to a brewery or the beach; a date or a meeting. But Opulence's owner, Angelic Dirden, is also committed to promoting women-owned businesses in SLO, minority inclusivity, and LGBTQ+ awareness as part of her brand vision.

Inclusive Clothes Shopping in Downtown SLO

Here’s what’s trendy and new from their diverse collections:

  • Mid-Waist Pants with Pockets: These classic gender-neutral pants are perfect for all weather and are a wardrobe staple.
  • Collared Buttoned-Shirt with Pockets: The top to the bottom; the yin to the yang. Match these with the mid-waist pants for a fun, casual fit.
  • Date Night Outfit: These Drawstring Waist Pants matched with the Round-Necked Dropped-Shoulder Tee are perfect for grabbing a drink, going to a movie, or whatever other excitement you have planned.
  • Fame Travel Buddy Clear Fanny Pack: Every cute outfit needs its functional and fashionable accessories. Don’t miss out on this bag - it’s selling out fast.

  • Visit Opulence Downtown or Shop Online 

    Opulence is located at 1115 Broad Street in the heart of San Luis Obispo’s downtown - and you can also source your favorite inclusive fashion at their website.

    Whether it’s affordable women’s clothes in SLO, plus-size outfits, or gender-fluid fashion, Opulence has it all. We can’t wait to upgrade your wardrobe.

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