What Outfit to Wear to a Winery

What Outfit to Wear to a Winery

Going wine tasting is a whole vibe - and you need to have the perfect fit to match the energy and look your best as you sip in the sun.

Whether it’s a fun day date in Edna Valley or a group tasting in Paso Robles with your besties, you want to look cute, show off your trendy finds, and feel comfortable doing it. 

So what outfit do you wear to a winery?

We’ll talk about the different etiquette and fashion choices, including:

  • What do I wear to wine tasting?
  • Wine tasting outfits for a date
  • Casual wine tasting outfits for women
  • Wine tasting fashion in Edna Valley
  • Wine tasting fashion in Paso Robles 

  • See how you can master affordable luxury to prepare your wardrobe for the perfect outing.

    What Should I Wear to a Winery?

    Wine tasting outfits for women are supposed to be fun, comfortable, and appropriate for an afternoon in the vineyards. While most wineries don’t have strict dress codes, most tasting rooms appreciate their patrons not dancing like it’s a dive bar or a club.

    That being said, we always encourage people to find flair and expression in how they dress. The wine tasting regions in San Luis Obispo County are famous for being relaxed relative to some of the other famous high-end regions, which leaves plenty for the imaginative fashionista to try out.

    A great example of Edna Valley Chic style is the Night in Plisse Romper

    Cute, fun, and made for an afternoon of carefree vineyard adventures!

    Wine Tasting Outfits for a Date

    When you’re going on a winery date, the expectations are elevated. This isn’t grabbing coffee or a quick drink at a dive - you’re committing to an afternoon of the good life.

    All this is to say that you need a fit worth talking about. You don’t want to overdress, but you want to impress. The good news is that there are plenty of sexy-yet-subtle styles to choose from.

    We love a good flirty dress for wine tasting:

    This printed sleeveless maxi dress is a perfect outfit for a weekend getaway that includes a stop at the tasting rooms.

    Or if you want to switch styles, a cheeky lace mini dress says “I’m classy, but I’m also going to be revisiting and buying some bottles for brunch the next day.”

    Realistically, you should be picking an outfit for the wineries that makes you feel confident, sexy, and allows you to be yourself so that your date will be most impressed with the whole package that is your personality plus your great sense of fashion.

    Casual Winery Outfits for Women

    The great thing about wine tasting fashion on the Central Coast is that you can go to a tasting room without it being a date or a special occasion. Part of the magic of living so close to these vineyard havens is that it is part of daily culture, and we are all about rocking some cute jeans and a blouse for wine tasting.

    Here are two of our favorite casual winery outfit pieces:

    1. Mid Rise Release Skinny Jeans: The ultimate chill weekend (or even weekday) tasting vibe is these cute high-rise jeans plus a trendy top. Perfect for warm weather, or pair it with a sweater for autumn.
    2. Dots on My Sleeve BlousePuff-sleeved tops are trending in a huge way right now, and we’re here for it. This is the perfect expression of affordable luxury fashion that is popular in San Luis Obispo and other coastal havens. 

    Pair these jeans and cute top, and your outfit is pretty much lined up for you. From there, it’s just a matter of finishing things up with some personalized flair for your perfect afternoon.

    Wine Tasting Fashion in San Luis Obispo

    While Paso Robles and Edna Valley get the name-brand press as wine regions, the county of San Luis Obispo embraces wine tasting fashion in its entirety. In fact, some of the cutest outfits you’ll see in downtown SLO are people coming back from wine tasting and showing off their favorite shoes, jewelry, and other big-day accessories.

    Here are a few of our favorite winery fashion accessories to rock all night long:

    Premier Heels: Elegantly simple, comfy-yet-cute, and ultra-affordable so you can round out any outfit with these classics. They pair nicely with jeans or a dress - and a glass of your favorite rosé.  

    Long Drop Earrings: These devils make the details stunning for any wine tasting fashion option you choose. That’s why we love them so much - they can dress up or down for any occasion!

    Ivory and Gold Beaded Necklace:  The great part about women’s fashion in San Luis Obispo is that it is geared towards versatility and unique personality choices. A bracelet like this allows you to perfectly accessorize the dress, romper, or crop top you chose without dominating the fit too much.

    Once you start to build out your perfect wine tasting wardrobe with just a few pieces, you’ll have dozens of cute mix-and-match outfit options. After that, you just have to go wine tasting more often to show them off – oh, no!

    Visit Opulence for Women’s Clothing in Downtown SLO

    Now that you have some cute outfit ideas for your next wine tasting adventure, you can put them into action by visiting Opulence. Opulence is the premiere wine tasting fashion boutique on the Central Coast, and it’s located in the heart of downtown.

    This means if you’re visiting and need to pop in, we’re right on the way to Edna Valley or Paso Robles. If you’re a local, come discover our diverse line of wine tour outfits that we curate for each season. Our summer line just dropped, so hurry in and take a look before we sell out.


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