What to Wear at the 2023 California Mid-State Fair

What to Wear at the 2023 California Mid-State Fair

The California Mid-State Fair is one of the hottest events on the Central Coast. Thousands of tourists and locals come to Paso Robles each year to eat, drink, and be merry under the warm summer sun. 

This also means it’s prime time for fashion in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, as the dynamic event provides an opportunity to show off the latest trendy outfits for wine tasting, nights out on the town, and seeing concerts at the Fair.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe for the 2023 Mid-State Fair, we’ve got you. We’ll cover: 

  • What do you wear to the California Mid-State Fair?
  • How to dress for summer in Paso Robles
  • Women’s Fashion in San Luis Obispo County
  • Cute outfits for the Mid-State Fair
  • How long does the Mid-State Fair last?

The best part about Mid-State Fair fashion in California is that these cute summer outfits can be mixed into any seasonal wardrobe. Check it out!

What do you Wear to the California Mid-State Fair?

The Mid-State Fair environment is a unique blend of local Paso Robles culture and California living packed into 12 days of awesome events. There are games, rides, unique foods and drinks, and showcase concerts every day.

This means your California Mid-State Fair outfits need to be comfy, versatile, and the cutest items in your wardrobe. Difficult - but doable without planning. If you want to make life easier and have more time for enjoying the fair though, it’s time to be a little strategic about what to wear in Paso Robles weather.

How to Dress for Summer in Paso Robles 

It would be simple to just say that the weather in Paso is HOT in July and leave it at that - but we’re here for cute outfits, not a weather advisory.

Not only that, San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast in general have very dynamic temperatures during the day, and it can get windy at night - so you need to plan accordingly.

The basic go-to for women’s fashion at the Mid-State Fair in 2023 is jeans and a tee - and we’re all about it. Simple, sexy, and ready for the weather.

Our favorite jeans right now are the Bleach Splash Button Fly Destroyed Skinny Jeans available at Opulence Boutique in San Luis Obispo. They’re simple, yet unique and made to be the base of a variety of outfits.

Pair them with something like this Nashville Music City Graphic Tee, and you have your first 2023 Mid-State Fair outfit covered!

But we all know that one basic outfit is not what we’re shooting for during Hot Girl Summer at the Mid-State Fair. We’re going for the Central Coast fashion trends that you can take wine tasting during the day and to a dive bar at night.

Women’s Fashion in San Luis Obispo County

San Luis Obispo County, Paso Robles, and the Mid-State Fair are home to what we like to call ‘Affordable Luxury’. These are the outfits that you can mix into a business casual day, but also if you want to add some accessories and nice heels, they make for a great wine-tasting outfit. Swap those heels for flats, and take in a concert at the MSF… and who knows after that?

If you want to shop Opulence’s Mid-State Fair collection in its entirety, you can find it here.

Warning: you might end up with too many awesome outfits - meaning you’ll have to go to the fair almost every day. Oh, no!

Cute Outfits for the Mid-State Fair

We wouldn’t leave you without proper inspiration for your California Mid-State Fair outfits.

Check out some of these scorching hot options that can be perfect outfit starters:

  • Outfit One: Tato High Rise Straight Jeans + Chasing the Sun Ruffle Knit Bodysuit.
  • Outfit Two: Bleach Splash Skinny Jeans + Mid-State Fiar Rhinestone T Shirt.

These simple yet stylish bases will go great with any of these accessories:

The best part is that these outfits are all available at Opulence Boutique in downtown San Luis Obispo. You can pop in to get your new favorite outfits and grab some food, go wine tasting, or explore what the Central Coast has to offer all in one easy afternoon!

How Long Does the 2023 California Mid-State Fair Last?

This de-facto summer fashion show in Paso Robles lasts from July 19th - July 30th, 2023. That means there’s plenty of time to see all the shows you want, go wine tasting during the afternoons, and plan multiple cute outfits.

Make sure to mention this blog when you stop by Opulence, and we’ll be more than happy to get you set up with the perfect outfit for the Mid-State Fair and summer 2023 all-in-one trip. Cheers!

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