Where to Get a Dress in SLO

Where to Get a Dress in SLO

Buying a dress in San Luis Obispo used to be tricky, but Opulence Boutique is changing the game. 

Traditionally a town for college students and retirees, this lends to a lot of cheap big-name outlets or high-end boutiques that aren’t practical for building a dynamic wardrobe.

Opulence is making it easy to shop for a dress near you, though. We specialize in wine-tasting dresses, formal dresses, and cute casual outfits that you can wear to work or social events.

If you need to buy a dress, check out these trendy new options that will make you excited about the options in your closet!

The Best Dresses for Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in San Luis Obispo County has come a long way. Once a niche activity for wine enthusiasts in a small county, wine (and enjoying it) is now a huge part of the culture in SLO.

Getting dressed up to sip & savor your favorite flavors is amazing. Feel fabulous in these casual wine tasting dresses during your next vineyard adventure:

  • In the Stars Twist-Front Maxi Dress 
  • Roman Mock-Neck Sleeveless Mini-Dress
  • Wild Ones + Ditsy Print V-Neck Dress
  • Glowing Hera Convertible Mini-Dress
  • These cute dresses are versatile enough to wear to dinner afterward or brunch the next morning. All the dresses at Opulence are designed to maximize your wardrobe value by being wearable for most social outings. 

    Formal Dresses For Sale in San Luis Obispo

    Some occasions call for a gorgeous formal dress. We’re talking wedding season, prom, and high-class affairs where you want to impress the guests. At Opulence, we’re all about affordable luxury, so our formal dresses are some of the best bang for your buck while shopping in downtown SLO.

    Here are our favorites for this season:

  • Fancy Fizz Tiered Maxi Dress
  • Lace Trim Maxi Satin Dress
  • What You Mean To Me Ruched One-Shoulder Dress
  • Crossover Off-Should Split-Dress
  • Don’t be afraid to rock these stunning pieces for date night, girls' night, or your next dinner party. Affordable luxury means looking your best and loving your wardrobe choices whenever you feel fit.

    Opulence is The Best Place To Shop For Dresses in San Luis Obispo

    No matter the style or season, Opulence has a cute and trendy dress that will look great and make you feel confident while wearing it. Located right in the heart of downtown, we’re conveniently located if you want to come in and try your new favorite styles.

     Otherwise, visit our collections to see the latest in wine-tasting fashion and affordable luxury.

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