Wine Tasting Fashion Advice

Wine Tasting Fashion Advice

Wine tasting is one of the best ways to relax, broaden your cultural horizons, and express your sunny weather fashion sense. But it can also be stressful to plan for if you haven’t visited wineries or don’t have an outfit ready for your outing. 

Luckily, we came up with a comprehensive guide on the best styles for wine tasting, including: 

  • Do You Have to Dress Nicely for Wine Tasting?
  • Wine Tasting Attire Tips
  • Wine Tasting Outfits for Women
  • Wine Tasting Fashion in Edna Valley

  • Swirl this fashion advice around and take a big sip - we promise you’ll feel much more relaxed after you do!

    Do You Have to Dress Nicely for Wine Tasting?

    Though there are not typically strict dress codes at wine tasting rooms, the culture at the vineyards is one that calls for dressing your best. 

    Even if your vibe is relaxed and you want to wear casual wine tasting outfits, it’s important to look cute and well put together. After all, we could get a comfortable buzz on the couch with our PJs on if we wanted to skip the social element of going to Paso Robles or Edna Valley (for example).

    So we recommend that you wear your favorite dress, or jeans and a cute top, or even a romper. Dressing nicely wine tasting is just putting a little effort in to show off your personal style - which should be fun, not stressful!

    Wine Tasting Attire Tips

    As we said, no one should be pulling their hair out about what to wear when going to a vineyard with friends or on a date. Here are 3 tips for wine tasting fashion:


    1. Dress for warm & chilly weather: Even if it is a beautiful summer day, wineries can often get windy or you might want an extra layer if you walk through the vines. More importantly, it’s likely that a great afternoon out can lead to evening activities -  so we recommend dressing for any weather. My current favorite transitional coverup is this Open Front Cardigan. It comes in both charcoal and oatmeal. It is perfect to go from chilly and windy to warm days.
    2.  Cute dresses are always in style: It can be hard to keep up with fashion trends in San Luis Obispo - or any area you might be visiting for wine tasting. Luckily, a cute dress will always be a classic, and you can pair it with any type of shoes and accessories for an easy and beautiful look. 
    3.  Fashion accessories are great for wine tasting: Above all, your outfit for wine tasting should be fun. Earrings, bracelets, sunglasses, and even fanny packs are all great ways to turn a cute-but-basic outfit into a fun head-turner while you sip and saunter through wine country. This is where we recommend you take the most creative risks for a unique look.

    These wine tasting outfit tips are a great start, and you can start building a winery wardrobe with just a few core pieces from our favorite collections.

    Wine Tasting Outfits for Women

    In order to create your perfect wine tasting fit, it helps to have a few go-to options that you can mix and match shoes, accessories, and other pieces with. Here are a few of our favorite women’s fashion pieces for going to a vineyard:

    Matching sets are all the rage right now.  From matching crop tops and skirts to coordinated pants and blazers, these versatile ensembles effortlessly elevate your look, offering endless possibilities for mixing and matching, making them a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. 

    Option 1 - For my dress lovers
    Top – 
  • Option 2 - For my casual girlies
    Top -
    Bottom -
    We here at Opulence believe in size inclusivity and celebrating all body types! We have a specially curated variation of this set for our curvy ladies, ensuring that every woman can embrace her curves and shine with confidence.
    Option 3 - For my plus size loves
    These three are so cute and easy - they make for a perfect foundation for your winery wardrobe.   
    Complete your fashion ensemble with killer shoes and accessories that add the perfect finishing touch.
    Shoes -
    Necklace -



    Wine Tasting Fashion in Edna Valley

    Every wine tasting region has its own unique flair. The weather, the vibe, the people, and the region can all influence wine - but also the fashion choices of people who go wine tasting.

    Edna Valley is one of the premier wine tasting regions in San Luis Obispo County, and the outfits at wineries are reflections of what we like to call “affordable luxury” - a style that we consider ourselves leaders in providing.

    Affordably luxury is all about looking great without necessarily breaking the bank. While we applaud high fashion and encourage people to live their best lives, sometimes the best dress is the one from a downtown boutique with reasonable prices - not that we’re biased or anything.

    If you are looking to find the perfect outfit to go wine tasting in that can easily transition to a backyard barbecue or cocktails at a rooftop bar, then you’re in luck. At Opulence, we make women’s fashion in San Luis Obispo easy - we specialize in versatile wardrobe accessories, body-positive fits, and dresses for wine tasting.

    Come check us out downtown, or visit our store to get your next wine tasting outfit.

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